Let’s Rock together. Rockmate will turns your iPad into a complete music studio easy and super fun to use. You can compose, record and play songs with up to 4 Rock players on one single iPad. Rockmate is easy to play with smart chords progressions, sounds great with separated guitar effects and in-house produced audio samples and is also fully customizable with multiple drums and keyboard styles.

Rockmate is ready to rock ! Your guitars are always well tuned, no need to carry your drum kit or to patch your keyboard. A smart metronome and a real-time looper will assist you in composing and recording your songs. Share your songs by email or iTunes sharing folders.

✔ Realistic design and animations (Retina)
✔ High quality samples*, 12 drum kits, 16 keyboard kits
✔ Voice recording
✔ 4 players available in one single iPad
✔ Realtime Looper
✔ Metronome with light and custom sounds
✔ Mixer with level and pan control
✔ Realtime Fx (distortion, multiFX, powerchord)
✔ Chords progression customizable (select 2X4 chords from 160)
✔ Guitar open tuning
✔ Save your styles (Chords progression, FX, Drum, keyboard style…)
✔ Export: .wav
✔ Sharing: Facebook, Soundcloud, Audiocopy, iTunes sharing folder and Email.
✔ Airplay
✔ Midi IN (USB keyboard)
✔ Import song from iTunes music library and AudioPaste

*All samples have been selected from most the famous rock instruments, recorded, edited and mastered at Fingerlab professional studio: Jazzmaster, Stratocaster, Ludwig, Gretsh, Melotron, Rhodes, Wurlitzer…